The Only Mehndi Ceremony Decorations You Need

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

It is natural to feel anxious about small details when the most special day of your life is around the corner. If you want a series of stunning ceremonies that finally lead up to the big wedding, you should start collecting ideas beforehand and this is what inspired us to create the Mehndi Decor Essentials list for the liveliest of all wedding events.

Cinema has done an extraordinary job of heightening up the craze for Mehndi ceremonies. We usually expect that fictional atmosphere to become our reality. Let us help you with organizing such a ceremony. Here are our top 5 decor items that you should use for your mehndi ceremony if you want to add vibrancy to the event.

#1 Marigold Garlands

These are the most traditional mehndi decor items. Marigold garlands are considered auspicious in many cultures across India. Their golden color and ethnic resemblance add to the royalty of your wedding decor. They give a beautiful and comforting vibe because they are representative of a flower and country we all know and love.

They can be used to make a canopy of flowers for the entrance of your ceremony. These garlands are easily available and their usage is extremely feasible. They can also be hung from the ceilings or placed in designs at the center of your event. Everything looks more authentic with the use of marigold garlands.

It would be better if the quantity of marigold garlands is huge and you can allow bulk to cover every space of the entity on which they are hung. They are extremely popular decor items for Mehndi as they go with the color of henna.

They remind you of the new shades that are going to enter your life and you automatically tend to accept and love the brightness they spread. The yellow of marigold garlands communicates a sense of collectiveness- a must need for Indian decor weddings.

Attractive Accessories Such As Pinwheels and Pompoms

Pinwheels and pompoms have an artistic significance of their own. They transfer happy vibes into the atmosphere and create highly interactive moods.

If you plan to use such accessories, try to ensure that you find colors that will complement each other.

Pastel colors such as pink, orange, and yellow go very well together to ensure softness and comfort.

You may also choose to use vibrant colors such as hot pink and multi-colored arrangements to compliment the many colors of the marigold garlands you have chosen. Using such accessories usually creates a very lively atmosphere if they are artistically crafted and color-coordinated.

Bowls, Water, And Candles

Nothing can add more beauty to your ceremony than aromatic candles. They create a sensational atmosphere. Their stupendous vibe is complimented if you pay attention to the way you use them for the mehndi decor.

No matter whether you plan your ceremony in daytime or evening, using candles adds an aesthetic sense to decor.

One of the best ways to add candles is to suspend the candles in rustic and gigantic bowls filled with water. The larger the quantity, the better will be the effect.

To take it one level up, you might use jasmine and lilies to cover the surface of the water and then suspend the aromatic candles. You can either use glass bowls or intricately designed metal bowls. Metal bowls give the best effect to your Indian decor wedding. Do not set them very far from each other.

The white jasmine and lily will evoke calmness. The peace of the white would go well with the splendid golden if you choose to match with marigold garlands. It will provide your decor freshness and a soothing leveling.

Floral Swings

If you want a romantic hint to your entire decor, you must get floral swings. It would be better to look for handmade ones that are pretty and extremely artistic. You can try to color coordinate them with the main theme of your wedding.

Floral swings serve as the best photo booths. They are a huge attraction for people. They give your ceremony a stunning vibe that fits with the culture. You can get your floral swing improvised according to your specifications.

Usually, people prefer a small floral swing so that it does not become overwhelming in any case. A small floral swing fits better with any theme. If you are using a yellow as the theme color of the ceremony, you can try for white floral swing or a lighter shade of blue. To make your colors resonate, you must contrast them.

If you are choosing to keep a more subtle theme, then try for floral swings with wildflowers. They give the decor theme an enticing edge. In any case, you must have a floral swing if you are hoping for a ceremony that stands out.

Memory Trees

If you want to make the event warm and inclusive, you should definitely allow this idea to float in your mindscape. With small notes and pictures, an artificial tree can be made. It will collect small moments from the past and share them with all those who are here to participate with you at your wedding.

You may even keep extra notes and stationery for people to write their own messages for you. It encourages them to feel comfortable and familial.

A typical Indian wedding will have many relatives coming from every direction. This is one of the ways in which you can tell them that you care about them and appreciate their existence at this wedding.

You are going to have a good time reading those out in the future. You may choose to preserve them in a journal and keep it by the side of your wedding album.

If these ideas sound good to you, imagine how they would look when actually executed. It is time for a grand ceremony, so pick your choices now and remember to choose extravagantly.

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