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Marigold Life Artificial Fancy Orange Fusion Flower Garlands

Marigold Life Artificial Fancy Orange Fusion Flower Garlands

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EACH PACK CONTAINS 5 ORANGE FUSION STRINGS. Each String is 5ft long for a total 25ft. Handmade Marigold Garland Fusion Artificial Flower Strings Product quality and color match is ensured by Marigold Life.


REALISTIC ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS - The flowers look like petals from a flower placed together to form an Artificial Garland. They’re sturdy enough to store them in back into your decoration box when you’re done - so you can keep a set around for whenever you might need them!


EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Nothing compares to a decorative garland that is handmade with care. Years of craftsmanship and skills are poured into every garland. You can count on it to have superior quality and durability to last year after year.


PERFECT FOR FESTIVE EVENTS - These hanging fusion marigold garland strand decorations are perfect for Indian festivities, such as weddings and Diwali. They’re also great for any party that has a Bohemian theme.


TRADITIONAL DECOR - Choose a wall decoration that gives your space the Indian backdrop you crave. It’s great for both your place of work and your home. These garlands will be the perfect accent for your Diwali Decor or as an essential Pooja decor item.


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