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Marigold Life Red and Yellow Artificial Marigold Garland

Marigold Life Red and Yellow Artificial Marigold Garland


🏵️ WHAT YOU GET: Each Packet contains 5 Yellow and Red combination Artificial Marigold Garland Flower STRINGS. Each String is just over 4FT for 20+FT per pack of hanging garlands to add to your decorations. The artificial flower Cempasúchil decorative garland set is so extraordinarily vibrant and brightly colored that it will be the perfect addition to your Indian decor or fiesta decorations.

🏵️ INDIAN WEDDING DECORATION OR AN IMPECCABLE INDIAN PARTY DECORATION: The artificial flower garland can be placed in a prominent place and used on many occasions and celebrations. Whether it is to welcome an important family member, a marriage ceremony, a festival like Diwali or Holi, a pooja of a diety or a wall hanging garland decoration for another event this 5 Pack of garland decor will be just what you need. This pack can also easily go with your pooja mandir for home in USA.

🏵️ DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: One of the most easily recognizable symbols of Day of the Dead is the Marigold Flower and now you can have your marigold flowers all year round. You can use these garlands inside or outside. If you are decorating your Ofrenda the orange flowers will make the perfect accent. The colorful Pop that the Marigold Delivers is one of a kind. Your family and friends will love these decorations and everything they represent year after year.

🏵️ FIESTA PARTY SUPPLIES: This 5 pack of Marigold Garland Strings are a one of a kind exclusive made at the request of the R and D Handicrafts customer who requires quality and delivery speed time and time again. So whether you are celebrating a birthday, having and Indian Wedding celebration, having a house warming or you are throwing a Fiesta and you want an authentic Mexican Backdrop you are ready to go with this Bulk Pack.

🏵️ WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE ANOTHER GARLAND AND WAIT OVER 1 MONTH FOR SHIPPING WITH NO TRACKING? Get Your R and D Handicrafts Garlands with Marigold Life and have them shipped to your home in 2-3 days with your Amazon Prime Account. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS on Packaging to bring volume and life to the garlands. Also Watch the Video on Amazon to see the steps needed to make your garlands the decorations you desire.

Color: Red and Yellow

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